Holiday Cards

I have done fairly well with my holiday shopping. I made a list, purchased early and online, and wrapped as I bought. I can proudly (and obnoxiously) announce that I’m nearly done. My remaining list consists of those hard-to-buy-for folks with no corresponding gift ideas.

You know the type. When you ask for gift suggestions, they reply with something like, “You don’t need to buy me a gift,” or, “Surprise me.” I’m really tempted to do just that. “Surprise! I hope you love this toilet plunger!” That might inspire more detailed answers next year.

Since the holidays aren’t about expressing sarcasm (out loud), I haven’t bought any plungers. Instead, I have decided to give the pleasant surprise of Van Otis gift cards. Van Otis gift cards are one-size-fits-all. There are so many treat options including caramels, Swiss Fudge, cashews, truffles, and popcorn, to name just a few. My gift card recipients will definitely find something that they like.