Let’s talk turkey.

This year, Thanksgiving is three days before the month of December. There are 26 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, allowing four weekends to shop, decorate, mail cards, hang lights, sing a carol, wrap, tag, bake, celebrate, reflect, and generally prepare for Christmas.

This presents the dilemma of holiday decorating. Do you forgo the cornucopia and replace it with a snowman? On principle, can you eat pumpkin pie under blinking lights, while smelling balsam?

As usual, it’s Van Otis to the rescue. Since all of their handcrafted candies are works of art, they serve as both decor and dessert.

For 8 years, Van Otis has offered patrons Phyllis, a hollow, 13-lb chocolate turkey. She is a popular Thanksgiving fixture in the Manchester retail store and would be a great centerpiece on any Thanksgiving table.

After dinner, guests will surely help make Phyllis disappear, so you’re ready to hang mistletoe.