Valentine's Day

t’s almost Valentine’s Day, a day of candy hearts, sappy greeting cards, and sweet expressions of love. This holiday comes a mere 44 days after you shouted from the rooftops that, from now on, you’ll only eat gritty protein bars and kale cooked 31 different ways.

Some would claim the holiday originated to honor a saint, who was persecuted for promoting love. I believe that some guy couldn't imagine Day 45 without chocolate, so he proclaimed it a holiday.

Whatever your beliefs, Van Otis offers compromise between January 1 and February 14. Van Otis’ chocolate-dipped strawberries are resolution covered in celebration.

Berries can be dipped in your choice of dark, milk, white chocolate, or an assortment and come in one, two, and three-pound sizes. They are only available at the Manchester retail location (no online orders) and are best enjoyed within 12 hours.

Trust us, they’re a lot better than chocolate-covered kale.